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Wonderful News!

Oprah has chosen to restart her book club with Cheryl Strayed’s “Wild”!! So excited for Cheryl, couldn’t happen to a more deserving author. Many of you may have heard about this fabulous memoir here first so, yeah, I feel quite … Continue reading


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Where the Boat Leaves From

The MV Explorer (a proud ship, not a boat) leaves from Puntarenas, Costa Rica on Monday for the 2012 Short-Term voyage of Semester at Sea. Zac Brown always gets me up for the journey: “Don’t grab your coat. You won’t need it where we are going…You got worries you can drop them in the big ocean.”

I sometimes physically ache for the sea from my otherwise perfect home in Denver. I have a fabulous, small balcony on the ship where I marvel at the myriad colors and surfaces of the water, watch funny little flying fish jump away from the wake, contemplate the line where the sky meets the ocean and feel very small but enormously grateful.

The voyage will take us to Peru, Ecuador, Panama, the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, Belize and then home to Ft. Lauderdale on June 15 – old favorites (I lived one winter in Belize and fell head over heels for this amazing country) and intriguing new ports of call. I will be studying “The Social Roots of Health and Disease” with a brilliant woman who helped write the UN Millineum Development Goals and has worked for my all-time favorite global NGO, Partners in Health.

I will be posting on my travel blog so here’s the link and an old but timeless piece that fits well today: See you back here in late June.


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#4: Saving or Savoring?

  I am trying to take small bites of Terry Tempest Williams’ exquisite new book “When Women Were Birds: Fifty-four Variations on Voice,” but I am failing. I am devouring it with unashamed gluttony. Fortunately her words, her voice, time … Continue reading

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#3: My Nightstand

The parade of birthdays through my life has left in its path a sprinkling of confetti-colored pairs of reading glasses. I need them readily at hand in all the places I spend time – on the coffee table near the … Continue reading

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#2: The Naysayer’s Family

Outing The Naysayer in my head has turned into a genealogical project. He seems to have a host of relatives who live between the ears of lots of people. Some of you have commented here and others have emailed me … Continue reading

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#1: Beginning

The Naysayer in my head with the bullhorn voice is a lazy lout. He takes a long time to get going in the morning and I take full advantage. Armed with a large mug of French Roast, I start my … Continue reading

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